личные инструменты

Специальные карты

Один из методов креативности – использования специальных карт с «подсказками». Фактически, это рафинированный вариант случайного стимула. Широко применяемые карты:

У нас есть все эти карты.

Он-лайн инструменты

  • Random Word Technique - this online tool consists of a three-step process: First, you type a description of your problem, challenge or opportunity into a web page form. Second, you look at the random word displayed on the web page, and use a second form field to note any associations that it makes you think of. After you have jotted down a number of words or short phrases, you move on to the third and final step, which is where you review your associations and your problem statement, and determine if you could adapt any of your associations to your current problem. Then it provides a third form field where you can record your thoughts generated in this final step.
  • Job Force, a brainstorming tool that asks you to consider how a person in a particular profession would solve your problem or challenge. This is a very simple tool, but it’s a valuable “sleight of head” exercise that could give you some great insights. If you don’t like the profession displayed, simply click the refresh button of your browser, and Job Force will display a new one.
  • The Solution Machine is the online version of a creativity software program that used to be available for Windows and Macintosh PCs. It helps you to clearly state your problem or challenge, brainstorm creative ideas using imagery and other techniques, and then to evaluate the ideas you've generated.

Источник - статья про free creativity software and online tools (не все ссылки работают).